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Optical Fiber

Innovative tailor-made solutions adapted to your type of business.

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Wimax Offers

Low latency and unlimited volume.

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Vsat Offers

KA band, KU band for more speed. Full coverage in DRC.


Hassan M. Yahfoufi
Global Broadband Solution, Inc.

Management Message

The development of the telecommunications field has had a profound impact on the structure of human societies throughout history to facilitate and improve communication methods.
Today we all face an exceptional challenge with the spread of COVID-19 and its impact on our daily lives.
In recent months, the rapid spread of the coronavirus has prompted a set of strict policies to limit its expansion, which has caused a big change all over the world. The use of the Internet has increased in all aspects of life: educational platforms for schools and universities, remote meetings, …

We believe that the coronavirus crisis will be the start of a new phase in the telecommunications sector and will change the map of the use of modern technologies and applications in Africa, and more specifically in DRC and Congo Brazzaville.

All of this means that in the very near future we have to go faster in developing the network infrastructure to accommodate the fifth generation because that is simply the future that we have to work on from here on out. It is in this sense that GBS will always be in advance to develop this sector as its customers have always known it.


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We manage your computing, connection and interconnection needs in a professional environment and ensuring near-perfect network security.
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