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GBS Voice Over IP

GBS VOIP solution is a future generation telephone service based on TCP/IP Internet protocol.
IP telephones are connected to your local network and allow you to communicate within your company or anywhere in the world at the lowest cost.

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  • Maximum functionality at minimum cost

  • Integration with your existing applications

  • No geographical constraint

  • Automatic choice of several different telephone operators


GBS VoIP server

Our solution is based on a computer server that controls all the incoming and outgoing communications of the company.

Thanks to our know-how and strategic alliances, all your communications always use the best route at the best price to reach their final destination.

Advantages of GBS VoIP Solution

Thanks to our VoIP solution, you are no longer limited by geographical constraints as is the case with a traditional PABX.

Each telephone line of your organization connected to an Internet service, wherever in the world, can call the other IP telephones connected to your network for free as if they both were in the same office...

GBS VoIP solution allows you to converge all your data and Voice over traffic to a single IP infrastructure. Managing a network of this type is easier and costs are significantly reduced by using only one operator.