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This service consists, for GBS customers, of placing some of their equipment, such as their servers in one of our data centers.

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Depending on the customer's needs, in addition to the space in the cabinets, we provide additional services such as backup, monitoring and other solutions.

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GBS Data Center

Global Broadband Solution (GBS) has two data centers located in Kinshasa and Lubumbashi. These are real supports for managing and securing sensitive corporate data. We offer shared hosting at the U (rack unit), dedicated bays or spaces.


Characteristics of hosting space

2 aisles of 7 bays, for a total of 14 bays of 48U in 800x1000

Wiring via rail and overhead cable trays

2 generator sets of 60 KVA dedicated to the Datacenter

1 generator of 400 KVA for the offices and back-up of the Datacenter

2 UPS 40 KVA expandable to 80 KVA each, dedicated to the Datacenter

Supervision center with giant screens

Electronic access control and procedures

Guarding (with UHF link)

Video surveillance of the site and premises with recording

The Datacenter is continuously supervised, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with automatic alarm feedback (electrical, climatic or fire detection anomaly

Our hosting services

Global Broadband Solution offers complete hosting solutions. Hosting physical servers can range from a rack to multiple bays, or even a dedicated space depending on partner needs.

  • Managed services

  • Mail servers

  • Data and Databases

  • Clouding

  • Hosting of virtual servers

  • Hosting of servers and network equipment to stay up 24/7.

  • Hosting for Business Resumption Plan

  • Hosting for Business Continuity Plan

  • And a multitude of services supported by hosting virtual servers

Energy and Power

Each bay has a dual energy supply chain. The chains are completely independent of each other to ensure continuity and increased stability.


2 three-phase arrivals


3 generators for a total of 220 KVA usable


Generators and UPS are fully supervised via SNMP modules and fully integrated into our systems.


2 modular and upgradeable inverters with additional batteries (4 hours of autonomy at 75% load)


2 equipped electrical panels, 1 per energy chain, dedicated to the equipment installed in the Data Center.


The Energy Room

We have two uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), a blue 60 KVA inverter and a red 45 KVA inverter. Each inverter is connected to a generator set.

The goal is to have 2 completely independent circuits in case we have a problem with a stand-alone generator, that we are not penalized. When we have a problem with the main line, the other line will continue to operate.

The server room

We have a smoke and temperature detector. As soon as there is smoke, it reacts and sends the information back to the automat, the box (it is an automatic system that controls the circuits, it is there to detect the smoke and starts the process to extinguish the fire. It sends the information to the gas cylinders to extinguish the fire)

Above the automat, there is a visual and audible alarm that we have combined.

We also have an internal and external fingerprint system to control access to the data center. You must be registered, to access.

We have two cable routes, above it is the electrical power of 220V voltage and below it is the data.

We have (3) air conditioners which take turns after a while.

We have cameras

Our fire fighting system works with gas which has the particularity of absorbing oxygen to suffocate the fire. This means that after instinct, our equipment remains intact, there is no powder or water and the work continues as usual.

If the automatic system does not trigger, in the event of an incident, it is possible to trigger it manually.

We have a thermometer which allows to follow the temperature of the room.

We have racks. On each rack we have two power lines (red and blue) and two inverters. When there is a problem on the red line, the blue line automatically takes over and the equipment remains functional. The objective is to avoid as much outage as possible when power goes off.

In the racks we have servers. There are customers who do physical hosting, they bring their racks and put them in our data center.

There are other customers for whom we make our racks available and they place their equipment.

About the service

Service available in Kinshasa and Lubumbashi

Secured access

100% redundant power supply at 230 VAC and 48VDC

Price based on the rented space and additional services

Redundant interconnection of the Datacenter in Optical Fiber, Satellite and Radio Links.

365/24/7 online monitoring

Regular software update

Secure access to the room, permanent video surveillance

Automated fire detection and suppression

Walls and ceilings covered with fire retardant paint

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